Although we cannot provide all of our usual services at full scale, due to COVID, we can still do most or our work on a smaller scale or by spreading the activities over the day.

This men got a haircut today. Although for privacy reasons his face is blurred, you can still see the huge difference between before and after.

Hard life on the streets

We also encounter many situations which are hard to see.

On the firs pictures you see a man who did not take of his clothes for more than one month and his clothes literally at some points glued to his body.

The last picture is someone of our staff visiting a seriously ill woman in her ward.

A better future

Although life for the homeless is very tough in Bishkek and does not always end well, there are also great stories. This young man was a homeless, but got his life in order and is now a taxi driver!

Yearly cleaning day: tidy up the leaves in the park

One time per year the community in the city here helps cleaning up the neighborhood. As Fountain of Life, we thought it is good to cooperate in this. Therefore the staff decided to join forces with our homeless clients to clean up a park in the neighborhood. Next to cleaning, of course, there should also be a good meal to regain strength to clean up more 🙂

Homeless women

At the end of the winter we wanted to give a short update. We are working as usual, although we prevent having too many people in the center at the same time due to COVID prevention. In this post we want protray an often not mentioned group of homeless people: women. Although the majority of homeless people are men, we also receive many women in our centre. Often they have a long problematic past. Some are not able to take care of their families any more due to, for example, excessive drinking. We also often assist in getting X-rays done, if there are reasons to assume that this person has for example Tubercolosis (TBC). Unfortunately, also this winter this was the case sometimes.

Below some pictures of women that visit us. For privacy reasons we blur out the faces on the images:

Also a homeless woman keeps her elegance

Hair cut

Here the transformation due to a washing, new clothes and a haircut is clearly visible. Also homeless people should get the dignity to be dressed like you and me. Move the slider in the image below horizontally  to clearly see the difference between before and after the cleaning.

Generous donation

Today someone made a very generous donation to our homeless center. Especially now it is cold on the streets ,donations are appreciated greatly. Thank you for donating!

Winter returned

Winter returned for a few days in Bishkek. Also add the day center we handed out some clothes and shoes.

Christmas meal in a homeless shelter

Also a Christmas meal has been provided for the people in a city shelter, called Kolomto

delivering food in the streets

Now it is winter, a lot of homeless people do have even less access to healthy food. Here some pictures of our team distributing food.