Homeless women

At the end of the winter we wanted to give a short update. We are working as usual, although we prevent having too many people in the center at the same time due to COVID prevention. In this post we want protray an often not mentioned group of homeless people: women. Although the majority of homeless people are men, we also receive many women in our centre. Often they have a long problematic past. Some are not able to take care of their families any more due to, for example, excessive drinking. We also often assist in getting X-rays done, if there are reasons to assume that this person has for example Tubercolosis (TBC). Unfortunately, also this winter this was the case sometimes.

Below some pictures of women that visit us. For privacy reasons we blur out the faces on the images:

Also a homeless woman keeps her elegance

Hair cut

Here the transformation due to a washing, new clothes and a haircut is clearly visible. Also homeless people should get the dignity to be dressed like you and me. Move the slider in the image below horizontally  to clearly see the difference between before and after the cleaning.

Generous donation

Today someone made a very generous donation to our homeless center. Especially now it is cold on the streets ,donations are appreciated greatly. Thank you for donating!

Winter returned

Winter returned for a few days in Bishkek. Also add the day center we handed out some clothes and shoes.

Christmas meal in a homeless shelter

Also a Christmas meal has been provided for the people in a city shelter, called Kolomto

delivering food in the streets

Now it is winter, a lot of homeless people do have even less access to healthy food. Here some pictures of our team distributing food.

Installation of the septic tanks

In the mean while the septic tank has arrived. In this post some photos of the installation of the septic tank.

Preparing the septic tank

One of the final stages for the hospice is to install a septic tank. Here some photos of the preparation.

Winter is coming soon

Winter is coming. This is the most difficult time for homeless, since it will be cold and it is more difficult to find a warm and safe place to sleep. Fortunately, through Fountain of Life, also a lot of clothes can be distributed to the homeless

If you have some clean clothes that are in good quality, but you do not use them anymore, please consider donating them to Fountain of Life, so we can redistribute them. We especially are looking for men clothes, but also women clothes are welcome.

Some items which are especially useful:

  • warm winter jackets
  • warm sweaters and shirts for layered wearing
  • socks and warm shoes

Please click here how to contact us, or please fill out the form, if you feel you can helps us. Thanks you very much!

Mutton soup today

Some volunteers kindly donated mutton soup today!