We are a local charity whose purpose is to provide holistic care (physical, emotional, spiritual) to the homeless of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. This is done primarily through our existing day center which provides hot meals three times a week, medical care, clothing and help with legal documents. In addition to this, we reach out to homeless on the streets several times a week. We are also in the final stages of building a Hospice, which will provide palliative care for dying homeless people.

Mission Statement

Fountain of Life believes in the worth of every individual. We seek to care for the people who are not recognized by society – the homeless. We seek to provide holistic care of body, soul and spirit through our Day Center and Hospice for the terminally ill so that they will have good end of life care and die with dignity.

Needs of the homeless

  • Many of those who are living on the streets are sick – some have tuberculosis, cancer, or other illnesses including mental illnesses, others get frostbite from the cold winters (temperatures can reach -20C).
  • Some are struggling with addictions particularly with alcohol
  • They have little or no money for food, clothes and no opportunities to wash themselves or their clothes.
  • Many will be lonely as they have been rejected by their families or lost contact with them. Some came to Bishkek for work but have failed to find it and end up homeless.
  • Many have no employment opportunities
  • A few get involved in criminal activities and end up in prison. Some ex offenders end up on the streets when they are discharged.
  • Some will not have identity documents which are needed to get work, housing etc.

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Day Center

Get to know more about the center that homeless people can visit

Street work

Find out here more about the work Fountain of Life does on the streets


We are currently working on building a hospice for dying homeless.